Monday, July 30, 2007

Not always knee deep in very bad things

For my birthday, my Mummy treated me to a spa day. She said she wanted to get her hair done in that Fancy Place I go to (it's really not so fancy, but they use fabulous products), and that for my birthday she wanted me to come too to get my hair done, or a massage, or whatever.

I had my hair highlighted once, and while I loved how it looked, I am terrible at keeping things like that up, so I thought that wasn't the best choice. I was in need of a haircut, though, so I hopped on that one. Mummy said she wanted me to pick something else too.

A massage, while nice, isn't practical since we have them covered in our health insurance - in retrospect it would have been a bad idea to get all relaxed up and then get the phone call that our Jetta had died. I don't get manicures because I bite my nails and pick at the skin around, and it's just never going to get better. Putting a little paint on there to highlight my red fingers is just isn't pretty.

And while I HATE feet and hate having mine touched, it is theoretically sandal season, so I went with a pedicure.

I've only ever had one pedicure prior to this one, and while it was okay, it wasn't life changing and I could never justify spending my own cash on getting one (it had been a gift). I had gone to another, reputable spa to get it, and so I assumed that that was it. Just ho-hum. They had paraffined me and scraped and massaged and painted, but it just was so so.

But my Birthday Pedicure was oh so fabulous. She soaked my feet, then rubbed them with an exfoliant, then she razored them (sounds scary, but is so not scary), and then, I shit you not, she Dremel-ed my feet. A real Dremel tool, that said Dremel on the side and everything, with a little foot-Dremel attachment. And then all the lotion and polish and stuff.

Two weeks later and my feet are JUST starting to get all dry again. I wonder how we can get pedicures included in our medical insurance?

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