Saturday, July 07, 2007

I saw The White Stripes last night!!!

They still amaze me!

They started their set super hardcore with Blue Orchid, then Icky Thump, then after that it was all a blur. I remember some Cold Cold Night, We're Gonna Be Friends, hints of I Think I Smell a Rat, Black Math (my favorite WS song EVER). Their encore was Hardest Button, I Just Don't Know What to Do With Myself, and Seven Nation.

I know last time I saw them I retracted my professed love of Jack White, and professed my undying love for Meg. But I take that back again. He's hot people. Just accept it. Of course last time he had a crusty mustache (the Crustache), so it took away some of the appeal. And while Meg is certainly quite an attractive little lady with amazing arms and boobs, sometimes while she's drumming her drums, her hair covers her face and she reminds me of the chick from The Ring.

I must also say that Jack White must be an extraordinary lover. At least, if his seduction of a crowd is any indication. He teases with a few bars of one song, then swings you into another one until you forget what he had worked you up to because what came next was so great. He did this a lot with I Think I Smell a Rat. They also did this extremely hot drum sequence at the end where Jack set aside his guitars, got behind Meg and pounded away (at the drums, you dirty people), but was kinda nuzzling her neck. Hot. They took extra long to come out for the encore, and I'm pretty sure it's because they were making out. Okay, probably not, but that's what I was imagining was going on.

I promptly came home and made sure my sister was able to get tickets for their show this week in Moncton. She cannot miss them.

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