Thursday, July 05, 2007

In desperate need of a day off

So, I'm tired. Almost burned out, I would say. And not that I've even probably been working THAT hard, but it's just like a ten times faster pace than I'm used to, for like ten times more days in a row than I'm used to. But I'm still tired.

The in-laws are visiting this week, and then my Mummy comes next week (yaY!). In a week it's my birthday, so I'm pretty excited Mummy will be here to meet my friends when we go for dinner. Tomorrow night is the White Stripes concert (WOOHOOOOOOO!!!), and next Tuesday we're seeing Tool (I bought SB tickets for his birthday).

Work was pretty busy there for a few weeks, but now we are back to full-staff, so it's a bit smoother. Except for one pesky client who is being REALLY annoying. They always surface at the most annoying times.

The condo is still coming together - SB is going to put up the chair rail in the dining room tomorrow, we have to finish painting the kitchen, and then we need to buy our furniture. We have picked out a dining set, but we are still completely unsure about which sofa style we want, what color is best, etc.

My first day off in two weeks will be on Saturday, so I'm pretty stoked about that.

Ooh, and I ordered books from Chapters on Friday and they arrived today - not bad considering there was a holiday in there. I love ecommerce.

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