Thursday, January 17, 2008

I hate to say I told you so,

I have had another complaint from the non-bloggers complaint department that I haven't posted in a while. I apologize. But really, nothing has been going on.

I went back on my meds last week, which means that nothing has tasted good and I haven't had an appetite for a week. On the upside, my anxiety is waning, which is good. I am sleeping better, and probably driving better.

SB and I have been throwing out the idea of trying to take a trip in the spring. I would say chances of this happening are slim to none since we would pretty much have to have a plan by now so that I can organize the business etc to be able to get away for a week, but it's still fun to research things and stuff.

Business is good - I am not too busy these days, which is pretty awesome. Trying to catch up on paperwork and other things that fell by the wayside during Holiday Madness 2007.

And really that's it. Boring. You're the one who wanted an update...

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Jenn said...

It's so much easier to comment on another's than to post on your own...

It really does take effort to post! It's an investment to think of an interesting topic, and then write it so that it's somewhat entertaining. I totally get it.