Monday, September 12, 2011

I'm tasty

Vacation is great so far.  We are eating far too much in the way of deep fried seafoods (at least we're going for an array this year instead of our staple, clams).  We are drinking too much, too often (last year I wasn't allowed to drink due to being knocked up, so this in itself is an improvement).  We are walking on the beach and making fires and playing crib and seeing friends and family.

The kid is semi-cooperative.  After her stellar performance on the ten hour drive to our destination, she has decided that she no longer tolerates car travel.  This is a major suck.  While the whole purpose of renting a cottage is so that we have a home base and people can come to us, we still do have to do some driving to get things like groceries and beer and emergency sweaters for the baby because we're horrible parents and only brought one.

Today we drove to Fundy National Park, and while the park itself is beautiful, the drive to get there is full of gorgeous farms, small craft shops, old barns, covered bridges etc etc.  I was dying to take some photos, but on the way there she slept (we CANNOT stop the car when she's sleeping) then woke up and promptly cranked.  So, there is always the way back, right?  Except it followed the exact same routine.  But our time in the park was fun, especially for Tess.

I will make a photo post at some point, but I mostly wanted to say that if I could sum up our trip it one word at the moment, it would be BUGS.  Bugs themselves don't bother me much, however it would appear that I am a particularly tasty person for mosquitoes, even when I apply various repellents liberally.  They swarm me, and either leave SB untouched totally, or else he's extremely un-allergic to them and just has zero reaction when they do bite him.  And I haven't notice any bites on the kid yet, but she is rarely outside during prime mosquito feast time (ie after dark.) 

So, I'm using a lot of AfterBite and trying not to scratch.  It makes me want to avoid the fun things like fires and beach walks sometimes, but I try not to always be the downer and take one for the team every once in a while. 

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Knit and Purl Mama said...

I usually attract Mosquitos too. Lol. Ironically this past summer I barely got bitten. Can't wait to see pics from your trip!