Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My running wishlist

So, I'm officially back to *jogging* and nothing gets me motivated like new STUFF.  Especially since barely any of my old STUFF fits because I'm too gigantous for it.  So, if I had all the money in the world, this would be my wishlist of stuff to grab up to keep me back in the swing of things.

1.  Nike Air Pegasus+ 27 GTX

I have been wearing Pegasuses (Pegasi?) for over 5 years.  I love this shoe.  I have owned many many pair of both the regular runners and the trail runners, and I think it's time for a new pair.  Since I could only afford maximum one pair, and since fall/winter is upon us, I would opt for the trail runners which are water resistant and would be great for slush and slop. 

2.  Nike Anti-Blister running socks.
I like a thin sock.  And I'm not gonna lie, I haven't tried these particular socks, but I have two pair of similar Nike socks that have holes all through them cause I've worn the shit out of them.  And they are still my go-to socks.  Never give me blisters (unlike my evil regular cotton socks) and never bunch or wriggle.

3. Lululemon Run:Swiftly Longsleeve T.
Terrible photo, but you get the idea.  Again, fall is coming, so sleeves will be a must. I have one long-sleeve running T by Nike, but it's a bit thin for cool weather, and also a little ~ahem~ smallish at the moment. This one is recommended by Jenny so I'm willing to take her word for it and give it a go.

4.  New Headphones.

I currently use earbuds, which are just alright.  I hate the kind that you jam in your ear with the reverse-suction-cup type thingies, so those are out.  I'm thinking something like these:
Although I've never tried anything like them and they may or may not suck.  My very favorite headphones of all time were a pair of the old-school Sony Walkman sports ones - the kind with a headband that folded up for when you were "on the go".  Ya, I loved those.  I used them for probably ten years, until the wiring in one side died and I could only hear in one ear.  And still I wore them for a while before giving up and switching to earbuds.

So that's my wishlist. Running is great because the amount of equipment you need is minimal, but boy when you have great stuff it can really motivate you to get out there and USE it.  I will do another list of the stuff I already have and use every time I run as part of the CONDITIONS.

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