Tuesday, September 20, 2011


We made it back from vacation!  So far the worst part is Double Baby Time Change, in which we changed an hour when we got there, then changed back 10 days later to come home.  We could also call it Baby Subaru-Lag, since we didn't fly there but it seems to have the same results.  General crankiness and sleep schedule disruptions all around, lasting approximately one day.  

Before vacation, we started nosing around the real estate listings thinking about the possibility of moving our little three ringed circus to a more comfortably-sized location.  The problem with this being that a more comfortably-sized location in our neighborhood would cost us approximately a kajillion dollars, and the sale of our condo plus our savings gives us about negative three dollars, approximately.  Just for comparison's sake.

So we widened our search radius, excluded neighborhoods that were tooooo francais (bitches need to find good anglo schools), too suburby (bitches like diversity), too old (bitches hate renovation), too new (bitches watch Mike Holmes).  And soon us bitches started having to consider things like "is it near a commuter train line" because, yup, that's how far away we ended up.

Long story short, there was a house we loved, but while we were busy hemming and hawing and calculating and re-calculating, and driving by and peeking in the windows someone else was buying that damn house.  But now we love that area, and now I'm stalking Realtors.ca ten times a day, especially on Monday, cause it seems everyone lists on a Monday. 

Maybe we'll move, maybe we won't.  More space would be great right now.  Commuting to work would be a bummer.  Tess would have a yard, and we could have a pool.  But no more walking down the street to the [Bilboquet/Frites Alors/Les Infideles/the grocery store/the SAQ/the toy store/the bank/etc]. 

The things we sacrifice for our kids, and our 100 pound dogs.  (Although while on vacation we discovered that when given the option of sleeping on one of two floors, Tess will choose the one that we are NOT sleeping on.  This makes me sad.)  


Natalie said...

Ok I just found your blog and it's great and MOVE TO PARK EX! We have everything. I'll sell you on it tomorrow.

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Oooh! What area are you looking in? West Island? We have a great knitting group out here!

Jules said...

actually we're looking WEST of the west island. St. Lazare would be the preference. Oddly, something about the country roads and big trees makes me NEED to live there.