Sunday, June 18, 2006

The first thing I will do is write myself a big fat paycheque

Here we are, officially "in it". I still don't feel different. Although our home office feels a bit cramped since I haven't had a yard sale yet and it was already stuffed full of crap. I mean... fabulous articles which will soon be for sale on our front yard. So come on down!

We had a fantastic closing dinner with my two ex-employers on Friday night, and their significant others. It was really a blast, and I am sad that I only got to know these girls and their guys through work stuff and now we are parting ways. We spent the whole dinner talking about fun Maritime traditions, Trailer Park Boys, Office Space, and what I have to look forward to as the proud owner of HHH. And there was of course lots of alcohol. Wine and martinis - does it really get any better than that?

Last night I collapsed into slumber at like 10:30. After moving the office to our house and making the schedule for next week, plus a to-do list of like a million things, I decided I would treat myself to a crossword puzzle interlude. For the longest time, I have been without a printer because mine just up and decided it didn't want to configure with my Mac anymore (WTF?), and now that we have a brand new (three years old) PC (scary viruses - ick!), I thought I should take advantage and print off a big giant crossword puzzle and work through it while watching, oh, I don't know, maybe some CSI? Ya, only I fell asleep after like three clues, and don't even remember Sexy Boyfriend coming to bed and removing my crossword, and pen, before I impaled myself.

I realize I have been a blogger slacker, which is terrible, because I'm already the consummate email slacker, and my excuse has always been "well, I have a blog, so there's no reason you still can't know what I'm up to." So, I apologize, and I figure that now that I work from home for several hours per day, I will be looking to slack off a lot, as people who work tend to do, so yay for you, more blog posts to come!!

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