Sunday, June 11, 2006

Maybe the stress just starts now

It's officially ours.

Tomorrow is my first day as the official owner/operator of HHH. We're using this week as a transitional period to tie up all the loose ends along with the previous owners, but as far as billing, payroll, and responsibilities, it's all ours. By loose ends, I mean pretty much everything imaginable, it seems, but one big thing is to get the website updated with all my info, and all the current walkers. The current owners haven't updated the site in quite some time (I think it's cause they have dial-up in their office - boo to dial-up), so keep checking in there for updates!

We decided on the plan for this final week yesterday, and even though I have quite a to-do list, I felt a sense of calm when our meeting was done. Everything is scheduled, and not a crazy, unattainable schedule, but realistic. Everyone seems happy with the arrangement, and really excited to get going (me to get started, them to get out).

During this whole period of negotiation, planning, transition, etc., I haven't really felt that much anxiety or stress. It's weird, right? I fall asleep hard and quickly, I feel energized most of the time, and happy. But I could tell this morning that maybe I really had some underlying fears and stresses, cause last night I dreamed I was in Cuba. Now that everything is in order and we are really digging in, I dreamed that I was in the most relaxing place I know.

And not only that, but in my dream we were deciding to stay an extra week just because we could.


Anonymous said...

I am pulling for you to have an uneventful transition. You are so ready for this. Hugs to you and I am thinking of you.....MOM

Dilly Dilly said...

I think you're not stressing all that much because this is such a great decision and I think it's going to pan out for you two beautifully! Good luck and do keep us posted on the progress!!