Wednesday, June 14, 2006

My view from inside the bubble

So I'm still not stressed yet. Just getting tired out from early mornings and late appointments and eating dinner at 8 then working til ten or eleven on stuff I can't do during the day cause I don't have access to a computer yet. But I'm not stressed. All of the client feedback has been more than amazing, and flattering, and makes me feel like there's no way we could lose on this one. One client told me today "We're so happy and excited for you - you're our favorite walker!"

Everything will be taken care of by Friday, and then we are going to be able to move the office to our house, which will be FABULOUS because I find it very challenging to share control, and equipment, and I think the girls do, too. I can't wait to start my own organizing, and accounting, and all the little details you get to do when you own a business. Right now I am doing too much "continuing" with the way they do things, which is fine to learn by, but I have so many ideas about how to work things my way.

I'm also discovering how much I love meeting the pet owners. You can really tell a lot about how your visits with an animal are going to be when you meet their owners, and see how they interact. Yesterday there was a neurotic woman who wanted validation that her dog was needy and problem-ridden, but really he was pretty normal and really cute. Last night I met a couple with two cats and a new puppy, and they spoil them maybe even more than we spoil our little critters. I never thought I would enjoy dealing with people again after all the shitty times I had while working in customer service, but I'm really having fun!

So, that's the update. I hope everyone is doing well in the outside world. I miss you.

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Anonymous said...

Well I knew it would be amazing.....You are really great with people, a winning personality so they will all love you. Thinking of you and the transition....Love Mom