Saturday, January 20, 2007

Finally some progress

Today I took a snowboarding lesson - the instructor seemed pretty impressed with my progress for a beginner, and I explained I had no problem with my heel edge, but couldn't do turns or get on my toe edge.

"Oh, you just turn your shoulders the way you want to turn, and then your legs will follow"

That's it?

So, before you knew it I was doing little mini-turns - still hard for me to stay on the toe edge, since I can't seem to get the balance between leaning too far forward or too far upright, but I can do a turn or two at least.

After my lesson, SB and I kept going for a few hours. Because of my balance issue and trying to get the feel of that, I fell quite a bit, but was taking it like a trouper. Until our last run. I had already fallen on my left butt/hip at least five times, and I'm sure a bruise will appear, but then I had a doozie of a back-flip thing and crashed on my butt, then whacked my head so hard my goggles flew off. I took a moment, then jumped up to catch up to SB, then like two seconds later some lady on skis ran smack into me from behind. I decided then we should call it a day. Before I died.

In other news, Cuba is a coming! Less than a month away now, and I can't wait! Sun, sand, drinks, and keeping my Mummy in line. They changed our flight times, so we end up getting a whole extra day of sunshine - WOOHOO!

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