Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Worst. Week. Ever.

And it's only Tuesday.

Aside from getting whiplash on Saturday (which was actually the most fun I've ever had getting whiplash, and I would definitely choose snowboarding as my method of choice for getting whiplash in the future), I am having altogether a very crazy week.

Yesterday I woke up bright and early for our breakfast meeting at 7:30. At five to seven, we discovered that the truck had a flat tire. SB took a look at what it would take to change it out ourselves (for the record, Ford supplies you with the flimsiest, stupidest jack ever), and we decided we would leave it until after my meeting so I wouldn't be late. SB dropped me off at meeting. Meeting was actually fun, breakfast yummy. Only on the way home did I realize that the waiter over-charged us. A lot. Grrr.

One of my employees gave me a lift home. I called Roadside Assistance for a tire-change. They were actually quite quick. Drove to our mechanic and dropped off flat-tire for repair. Ran some errands, picked up my group, ran my group, dropped off my group. Looked for new windshield wipers at two different Canadian Tires for one of our vehicles. One store had driver's side size, but not passenger's. The other store had the passenger's side size and not the driver's. Got repaired tire put back on car. Went home.

Today, met a client at 9am. Got a call from one of my employees about a sick cat. A sick, bleeding cat. Took cat to Vet, who said outlook could be not good. Tried to contact Sick Cat's owner. Who's in England. Luckily, her assistant was able to get a message left for her, but wasn't sure when she would get back to me. Call from Vet - outlook not so bad, but still not guaranteed good. But could be worse. Picked up group, ran group, dropped off group. Visited Sick Cat - looking sad and pathetic with his lampshade on. Still no word from Sick Cat owner.

Went home - power out. Lovely. Couldn't do any office work. Call from Vet - need Sick Cat's insulin, Sick Cat needs to stay for a few days. Drove to Sick Cat's House, picked up insulin, drove to Vet, dropped off meds, petted Sick Cat. Sick Cat growls. Go home again.

Power back on. Yay. Press button to turn on computer. Nothing. Again. Nothing. AgainAgainAgainAgain. Call SB - I can deal with Sick Cat, Flat Tire, and running around like a crazy person no problem. But no computer - I'm almost in tears. Take computer to computer guy. Waiting now to hear results of "diagnostics". Sick Cat Owner calls - sounds calm, give her Vet's number, done with that for today.

So, a string of bad luck, leaving me very tired, and not very productive. But I guess it could be worse. Sick Cat could have been Dead Cat.

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