Friday, May 11, 2007

Ever the optomist

This morning is Regis and Kelly's Mom's Dream Come True show. Total tear-fest - sad stories, hardships, reunions, community activism, etc.

While enjoying my coffee and fighting off tears (two people deployed to Iraq miraculously brought back to thank their sister for taking care of their little boy for over a year while they are fighting a war - come on, who can keep a dry eye for that?), there was a story about a woman who has adopted 8 special needs kids.

Not like missing a toe kids, kids who are in wheelchairs for life, with severe brain damage. Blind kids. Stuff like that.

And while her town was following her around as she picked up all her gifts from Regis and Kelly, I found myself thinking "She must get a giant benefit cheque from the government..."

This leads me to believe two things:
a) I am going straight to hell
b) I watch WAY too much Law and Order

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