Thursday, May 31, 2007

Happy Thursday!

I just finished eating a ridiculously disgusting number of tacos. Homemade, with tons of veggies, but tacos none the less. Yum. The even more disgusting part? I would eat another one right now if SB hadn't been giving me weird looks that suggested he may leave my ass if I took one more bite.

For lunch today I had Subway, which I haven't had in a while. I was pretty excited, until the girl asked what I wanted.

"A 6" Spicy Italian on Brown.

She turned around to grab the bread, but grabbed the Italian bread.

- No, brown bread please.

She smiled and mumbled okay, grabbed a brown bread, then cut the bread, then asked what kind of meat I wanted.

- The Spicy Italian.

- You said you wanted brown

- Yes, brown bread, but Spicy Italian sub.

This confused her, so she called over one of her cohorts.

- Spicy Italian please.

- That's a kind of bread.

- No....I'm pretty sure it's a sandwich. It's listed right there under the BMT - see - on the menu there...

They both stared blankly at me, then called over another cohort.

- Can I have a Spicy Italian sandwich please?

- Sure....

Then he went on to explain it to the two other dimwits.

The rest of my sandwich construction went okay, until it came time for the sauce.

- Mayo please

Another blank stare.

- Mayonnaise? Mayo.....

Still staring blankly, then she calls over smart guy who knew what sub I was talking about and told him she couldn't understand what sauce I wanted. He looked at me.

- Mayo - I would like to have mayo."

He turned to her, and I sweart to god, said "Mayo." And then she put mayo.

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