Thursday, May 17, 2007

If only I knew a guy...

The Sopranos has three episodes left. In the last few eps, we have seen Tony struggling with a gambling addiction, which I thought was a bit random because they have shown him gambling maybe once in the past. But whatever, he kept losing and losing and losing, but couldn't stop gambling. This past episode showed Tony get into a car crash with another main character (I don't want to wreck it for those of you who haven't seen it yet), and other main character had become a point of concern for Tony. So instead of calling 911 right away, Tony covered Main Character's nose and let him choke to death on his own blood (in Tony's defence, it wasn't looking too good for Main Character anyway).

After this, there are funerals, etc, and then Tony takes a trip alone to Vegas. He puts down a chip in roulette and wins. Then wins again four times in a row. His conclusion is that Main Character was a drain to him, a curse, vexing him to have continued bad luck. But now that he's gone, Tony's luck has changed.

My question?

Who do I have to get bumped off to have some good luck for once?

On Friday, our business van died. Dead. Towed away and scrapped. This, not even two months after our computer died. Not even two weeks after Hiring Fiasco 2007. We have a new used van now, and hopefully the other business vehicle will keep on keepin' on, but it has never looked good for that one, so chances are slim it will make it through the summer.

Other than that, things are lovely. We are dog sitting for one of our clients this weekend, so keep your fingers crossed that it will go well!

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