Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Off my meds again...

Thus, randomness abounds. Sorry about that, but I keep finding myself thinking of millions of funny little things a day.

My whole life I hated mayonnaise. I'm not sure why, but for about 25 years the very sight of it skeeved me. When I worked at McDonald's I refused to make the McLobster without rubber gloves on because I didn't want to get any of the lobster/mayo mixture on my hands. I was lost and starving at many many many functions because people serve two things at gatherings for lots of people: macaroni/potato salads and chicken/egg salad finger sandwiches. I ate a hell of a lot of crudite.

Then, three years ago I suddenly got over it. I think it was the appeal of the yummy greasy Moe's french fries served alongside the mayo, but I gave mayo a try. Now I have been spending the last three years trying all kinds of things I previously wouldn't eat. Here are some things I have been particularly enjoying:
1) egg salad sandwiches - I eat about two a week. So good.
2) fries and mayo - nuff said
3) fries and flavored mayo from Frite Alors, the Belgian fry place down the street.
4) McChicken sandwich, which I previously ate with only ketchup, but which is so much better with mayo
5) Wendy's Bad Burger (aka Big Bacon Classic) - I used to order the regular burger with only ketchup. This is way better.

All of this to say, I think I have deduced how that extra 15 pounds crept up on me.

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Mom said...

See I always told you to try things and not just say "I don't like it". Mom's do know best sometimes....