Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Hills Tuesday

I adore the show The Hills - some people call it their guilty pleasure, but I see nothing guilty in it at all. It is hilarious. So, I am going to try to do The Hills Tuesday and list my top five things about the episode that aired Monday night. Today there are a few general things that I love just because it's my first Hills Tuesday and we've got a little bit of ground to make up.

1. Whitney is awesome - gorgeous blond, super clumsy/silly/goofy. Love her. Last night she made fun of the names LC's mom almost named her and made hilarious faces at the same time - "Cryssssssstal."
2. They call someone Justin Bobby. His name is really Justin. But some people call him Bobby. But they aren't sure why, and they think it's weird, so they call him Justin Bobby.
3. Justin Bobby drives an El Camino
4. Spencer and Heidi are ridiculous. And Spencer grew a fugly beard.
5. Spencer broke up with Brody Jenner - sadly this doesn't seem to mean that we don't have to look at Spencer's fugly mug anymore

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