Thursday, September 13, 2007

Two days late....but I was on VACATION

Highlights from this week's episode of The Hills:

1. What the hell was with Lauren's date from Jersey? Did she look like the kind of girl who would be impressed by 40 cent t-shirts? I totally would be, but for crying out loud she works at Teen Vogue. And is from Laguna Beach. The last time she spent 40 cents on something was....never.

2. Why can't Jason stay out of the picture? I know we are supposed to hate him, but it's hard when we don't know the details of why they broke up. And he finally shaved, and got a haircut, so now he's super cute. I feel confused....

3. Audrina has the weirdest taste in boys ever. Justin Bobby is so dirty, I can't believe she would let her crotch touch the same motorcycle seat as his let alone hook up with him.


5. Heidi is going straight to hell, and if I were Elodie I would start compiling dirt about her now so as to get her canned. I also love that every time she (Heidi) talks about Lauren, she gets this look on her face. You can totally tell she is ready to cry, but then she makes this really gross expression and tries to pretend she doesn't care.


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