Friday, September 21, 2007

What to do, what to do

My sister is coming today!

so exciting!

What have I planned for her during her ten day sejour at my casa?


I have been too busy to even call her this week. So far I know I am picking her up in three hours at the airport, and then maybe we will go to the grocery store. Wooohooooo!!!

A few weeks ago when I went to NB, I saw my sister for like 3.7 seconds, and then she took off to Indiana for work. Before that, I hadn't seen her for a year and a half. You would think we might have some kind of list of stuff we want to do together, but, no, we do not. I know we will definitely do some shopping, because I have been saving my birthday money for two whole months so I could spend it while she's here. I thought we might join the 7 billion other Canadians flocking to the US to do some shopping. And next Saturday is my university's homecoming football game, so I think we will get SB to drive us and we will drink beer all day while screaming obscenities at no one in particular.

I highly doubt that my strict day-off schedule of pyjama-lounging and Facebook Scrabulous would leave her with a very satisfying vacation, so if you have any suggestions, please, let me know.

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Jenn said...

Bowling is very fun and stupid, especially if they play bad 80s music, and you can drink beer.

Also, mani/pedis are fun with people, too.