Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Jason is too devious

The Hills was kinda boring last night, but mostly because after the first five minutes it was kinda predictable.

1. Jason is such an ass. He and Lauren have been hanging out, and not once did he mention he had a girlfriend. He talked about re-hab (Lauren offered to participate in sober outings with him), he talked about needing clothing (Lauren offered to give him back some of the clothing she still had that belonged to him), and he talked about looking for a place (Lauren offered to help him find one). But no mention of a girlfriend. Then suddenly, in his own awkward "trying to be casual" way, he not only mentions that he has a girlfriend, but also that they will be moving in together and that Lauren is invited to the upcoming housewarming so she can meet the girlfriend. I think LC took all this news very very well.

2. Spencer had that fugly beard happening again.

3. Heidi is in full-on wedding planning mode, meanwhile Spencer hasn't even told his parents yet. Jen Bunny is even being skeptical. There was speculation yesterday on Pink is The New Blog that Spencer only proposed to Heidi in the first place to ensure more camera time for them. I would agree.

4. Whitney almost seriously effed up at work, and I was actually really disappointed in her. She should have known that it wasn't appropriate to take the band out before the photo shoot. Do that shit after work is done. Lest your bad-haired boss find out.

5. Jason's new girlfriend seems a little....seventh grade. There is one point when she deliberately interrupts LC and Jason and practically jumps him, then moves between him and Lauren and gives Lauren a "Bitch Step Off" look. Does she even know that Lauren and Jason have been hanging out all this time ALONE??? I love how when Jason asks what Lauren thinks of Katja, Lauren refrains from saying "she's a bitch/slut/rude-assed ho", and instead gets right to the point "I think you're being an idiot". Then she tells him he is rushing it wayyyy too fast. That is definitely the safe route. Because he is being an idiot. And maybe Katja only looks like a bitch/slut/rude-assed ho.

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