Monday, September 17, 2007

One day early - SO THERE

The Hills was awesome tonight and actually had me yelling aloud "Holy Crap!"

1. I was actually getting used to the idea of having Lauren and Jason possibly getting back together, and I was totally falling for their relationship tonight when they went through the whole public harassment from Spencer and Heidi. But then, on the preview for next week Jason reveals that he has a girlfriend, is moving in with her, and THEN at the housewarming they get engaged. Poor Lauren!


3. I was very disappointed to see that Audrina and Justin Bobby are officially boyfriend and girlfriend. I was not disappointed that I didn't actually have to look at Justin Bobby tonight.

4. What the hell is with Heidi and Spencer? Near the end of the episode she's talking about how they sent a drink over to try and smooth things over a little, but the whole time they were there they were making snide comments about sex tapes, and then instead of just sending over one of whatever they were each having they sent water and a Shirley Temple. That's kinda rude. Plus, I am not a big fan of people who can't take a hint and just leave the situation alone. Either she has amnesia, wants to fake being a nice person, or genuinely has deluded herself into thinking she was trying to be nice.

5. If I can't have more Whitney, then I will take more Elodie any day! After she called Heidi on being such a tool I yelled "Ho Ho Holy Crap!!!" at the television. She fell just short of saying "Lauren hates you and you don't know why, Audrina hates you and you don't know why, Whitney hates you and you don't know why - maybe you should take a look at yourself, because you seem to be the problem..." I hope this plotline gets developed further!

**Last minute edit:
On The Hills Aftershow, Elodie just said "If anyone ever asked to marry me and gave me an amethyst, I would punch them in the face."
I am loving that girl more by the minute!


Anonymous said...

Oohh, I loved the look on Heidi's face when Elodie talked to her. The trembling chin, the doe eyes...barf bitch! Jill

Jules said...

Oooh, ya, the eyes. As much as I hate Heidi, when Spencer comes on I physically feel ill. Who the hell IS that guy? What a sleaze.