Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I think I killed my dog today

I either added or subtracted a year from her life. Today was "Take Gabby to Work Day", which was really fun and exciting for everyone involved. She was huffing and puffing before we even picked up the first dog. One dog was totally into her smokin' ass, and kept sniffing her incessantly. She kept up pretty well with the other doggies when we went to the dog park, and was really into the whole sitting in the back with everybody thing while we were dropping everyone off. But when I came back from leaving the last dog at his house (a Portuguese water dog with a severe underbite - so cute!), she had hopped in the front seat and was looking at me like "Ya, so we're going home now, right?" So, while I had a cat appointment I took her to our office and dropped her off for a rest.

When I went back to get her, she was pretty happy to see me, and our last walk was really fun and she was really into it, but now that we are home she has planted herself on the sofa and is sound asleep. Like, I think I could yell out "the kitchen is full of treats, come and get it!!!!" and she wouldn't even budge. I'm hoping to bring her along quite a bit when I start doing group walks regularly, because she's getting to that age that she's put on quite a bit of weight, and diet changes aren't helping. But, I'm also kinda scared that she's going to die of a heart attack or something from over-exertion.

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