Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Trying to keep my poker face

We made our initial offer on the business today, and we are scheduled to meet with my bosses tomorrow night to discuss. I feel like it's Christmas Eve. I just want to know what they have to say, what they think, whether this is all going to be wrapped up tomorrow night and within about a month this will all be mine.

I can't get over how very exciting all of this is, and how not scared I am. It makes me more nervous that I am not scared or anxious than actually taking over the business does. Meanwhile, until tomorrow night, I have to play it cool, so that my bosses don't try to raise the bid too high. They aren't like that, they are into making everyone happy in the end, and getting the business in the hands of the right person so it doesn't just fizzle out. But, Sexy Boyfriend is a man of the business world, and in Sexy Boyfriend's Mean Businessman Language, I have to keep them thinking that I can walk away from any time and haven't lost out on anything. But, in real life language, which is what both myself and my bosses speak, I really want this to happen, and think it will really be sucky if it doesn't.

Otherwise, things are normal. Work is awesome, even though it rained a lot today and I got soaked. Also, while walking Goosie today some child in the street randomly yelled out "DIIIIIIIIIARHEA!!!!!" I wish I could remember even half of the hilarious things I see and hear during the day. For example, last week I saw a lady pissing in the park, and I totally forgot to even mention it. She was squatted against a tree and everything, and was partially hidden unlike the last person I saw using the park as facilities. Then yesterday I saw a man park his car, walk into an alley behind a convenience store, and take a leak there. Not like into the alley, like two feet behind the building. What the hell is with this city and people feeling the need to get back to nature?

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Anonymous said...

Im so happy/excited for you! I cant believe that you will be a big company owner! Thats huge!!! You love that job so much and now you are going to own it (hopefully). Im so proud of you.

P.S- finished my book yesturday, amazingly good, cant wait to see the movie May 19th!

Love Rachel xoxox