Monday, May 22, 2006

Procrastinator extraordinaire

It's finally here - the 2006 edition of our vacation photos. From like four months ago. They are super poor quality due to the fantastic camera we had access to (because ours was stolen by baggage gremlins). You can see the photos here. Not super exciting, but some great shots of our resort, for those of you who didn't believe all my ranting and raving about how wonderful it was there.

This week we will be crazy busy getting stuff ready for the business changeover. Finally we will have a phone number and a PO Box, so finally we can get some business cards and promo stuff made. Sexy Boyfriend is installing our accounting software on his computer tonight so we (he) can get a feel for it before the changeover date. I say he is getting a feel for it because, although I'm good with computers, he is good with business, and can probably set up some of the stuff more efficiently than I can. It would also take me quite a while to teach myself how to use it, and then more time to set up.

That's all my news - the weekend was pretty boring - lots of business shopping and TONS of cleaning. Saturday night we went to see the DaVinci Code, which I really enjoyed. Obviously not as much as I loved the book, but I think if I had seen the movie first I would have been blown away. I still don't buy Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon, but Jean Reno, Paul Bettany, and Ian McKellan were really impressive. Audrey Tautou was okay, but I was pretty disappointed that her character was kinda dumbed down for the movie. All in all, it's worth the $10 admission for sure.

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