Thursday, August 25, 2005


I took today off work with a migraine. I didn't really get migraines until the last year or so, and wasn't really sure they were actually migraines. But, the doctor seems to think they are, and has given me some lovely medication to treat them. It's nice that this medicine gets rid of the headaches, and it's super fun that I get stoned out of my tree, but a side effect of being stoned is not being able to go to work. So sad.

Sometimes, I think my cat is on crack. He randomly will start scratching things and throwing thing, and meowing restlessly. It gets really really annoying. He'll open the cupboard that has all the animal treats and grooming stuff in it and start banging things around in there. He doesn't search, he doesn't take anything out, he just sits in front of it, finds something that's noisy (like a box full of rattly treats) and pushes it, pushes it, pushes it. I yell. He pushes. I get up and shut the cupboard, he runs away. Five minutes late he's back, popping the door open and rattling around again. Tonight he found two elastics (the big blue ones that Canada Post sometimes wraps your mail in) and went after them like a maniac. I had to take them away, cause he would eat them, and his eyes got all big and he tried to attack my hands. Sometimes this behavior accompanies the full moon, but sometimes it's completely random. Maybe he's getting into the sauce when I'm not looking.

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Anonymous said...

Oliver gets like that too. The whole Big eyed "i'm on speed" attitude. Scares me a little.