Friday, August 26, 2005

Some people lose their shirt at the casino

While Mummy was here, we paid a visit to the casino. The casino is pretty fun, but since I have a pretty compulsive disposition for online computer games that involve little to no thought, it's usually best that I either a) go to the casino with no more than $20 in my pocket, or b) don't go to the casino. I'm sure if slot machines were free, especially those fun videogame-type ones with lots of fun music and cool character things, I could sit there for hours and hours and hours. However, they are not free, and I'm not particularly lucky, so I usually just don't visit the casino at all.

To get to the casino, we took my car. Parking is free in a giant parking complex, which is one thing I love best about the casino - sometimes tourist stuff isn't so fun when you have to give the finger to like five people on your way there, and then drive around for half an hour looking for parking. But the casino is out of the way, and if you don't go on the weekend, traffic isn't that bad, and parking is free. Once, we did go on the weekend, and not only was parking free, but it was so packed we got free valet service. There's something about valet service that excites me.

When we tired of losing all our money (me, $2, my Mummy, $20, her boyfriend, I lost count), we decided to leave and get something to eat. Approaching the parking complex I said "did we park in P3?" and my Mummy said, "Yes, I'm sure we parked in P3". So we went to P3, and walked along the little pedestrian pathway, and then turned off where the car should have been.

But alas, it was not.

I tried the "Panic Button" trick, where I press the panic button on my key, and the horn sounds, and we all laugh about how we're one row over, and pile in. But no horn sounded. No beeping at all, nor lights for that matter. Silence.

At this point I began to panic, because there had just been an article in some newspaper about how like 10 zillion cars a year get stolen from the casino parking lot and when I heard that I said something to the effect of "My Jetta will never get stolen cause she's super-smart and has a nifty alarm, and she'll be mine forever."

Wandering through P3, I almost crapped my pants at the fact that she might be gone forever.

We then decided to try P2, the next level up. This should have been the natural next step before my heart leapt out of my body and I lost control of bodily function, but of course I went straight to panic mode. But there was Jetta, in P2, safe and sound beside the same Porsche SUV we met when we came in. I clicked "Unlock" like four times to hear her reassuring greeting.

When we got in the car, before putting the key in the ignition, I hit the steering wheel with both hands and shouted: "Jetta, don't ever scare me like that again!! I thought you were gone forever!! You almost gave me a heart attack, god dammit!" Mummy gave me a funny look, but didn't say anything.


Anonymous said...

Mom only gave you a funny look? I would have pissed my pants laughing! You get so attached to your stuff.

Anonymous said...

i forgot to sign that last comment even though you know its from me...but whatever, i'm signing this one