Monday, August 22, 2005

Simon says "Now THAT's a fat neck!"

I guess I shouldn't focus so much on how much I hate my job, so I've decided to post about something that actually makes me happy.
My kitty-cat, Simon.

Simon is five and a half, and is the sweetest kitty in the whole world. I know some of you will say, "Well, my kitty's pretty sweet - ", but I assure you, you need to stop kidding yourself cause this cat is the sweetest.

He has a big fat belly, and likes to lay beside me and purr, then roll on his back so that I might scratch said fat belly. When I don't pet him immediately, he will reach over and (lightly) scratch me in the leg, or arm if he can reach. When I pull away quickly cause it hurts, he teeters a little further over as if to say "Can't you see my gorgeous, soft, cuddly fat belly here just waiting to be scratched?" And then of course I rub his belly for a minute, and he falls asleep upside down. Scho schweet.

Now that I'm semi-happy after my long day at work, I would also like to add that I think it's hilarious that people are calling pregnant Britney Spears "Fat Neck". I mean, I've never been pregnant, but I've known some pregnant people, of all sizes, and ne'er a one has turned out as gross-looking as she is. Most pregnant ladies look super cute. But not her.


Anonymous said...

I dislike everything about Britney, including her fat neck.

I heart Simon and miss him very much. I believe he enjoys me as well, so please give him a kiss for me.


Anonymous said...

I think its sick that i check your Blog like every hour to see if you've updated...i'm obviously a stalker.