Monday, November 05, 2007

Extreme randomness

I just got halfway through a big long post about reasonable accomodation, then got disgusted even thinking about it and saved it as a draft. Not to say I won't come back to it (November is a long month!) but I guess I can only take so much at once. Maybe I won't post it at all.

I have been knitting myself a scarf. It's lilac and white, because I had a medium sized ball of each left, so, there you go. One side of it is slightly messed up, but it's for me, so I'm not being too picky about it. I love knitting. It helps me get rid of lots of nervous energy, which I've had a lot of lately. When I'm feeling anxious I pick and chew at the skin around my nails, which I know is gross and ugly, but that's what I do and I've done it since.....probably since I had teeth, and that's that. So knitting is a good way for me to be able to watch TV without gnawing off my pinky finger. Maybe I will knit myself some mittens that I can wear the rest of the time when I'm not knitting.

For some reason I feel very scatterbrained today and am having trouble concentrating on one thought. (Maybe it was the 4 cups of coffee at breakfast....) So here's this and have a great night.


Jallápenno said...

Well. I'm sorry that this may drive you crazy, but thanks for providing daily reading for me all month!
Also, I'm very curious to see what your thoughts are on reasonable accommodation. We deal with it every day as teachers, and everyone I know has a different opinion about it too. I think it's supposed to be whatever you can do without imposing 'undue hardship', but that's a pretty subjective term.

Jules said...

Reasonable Accomodation here is getting ridiculous and disgusting because certain parties in the government would have us ban hijabs and burqas, and want everyone who comes to this province to have to speak french. They are not thinking any kind of accommodation is reasonable at all.

There is one town (at least only one that I know of) that has passed a law banning hijabs and burqas in certain public forums. I think this is wrong wrong wrong. I'm still working on a longer post....