Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Occupational hazard

One of the hardest parts about my job is having to restrain myself from abducting my clients. Some of them are just so fucking cute I can't even believe they exist. I want to carry them around in a snuggly all day long. I mean, how can you go through a whole 40 minute walk in the woods without scooping this one up and squeezing him til he yelps:

And I am currently taking care of this kitten, and periodically catch myself removing his head from my mouth because I'm trying to eat him up.

He has the cutest little muffin face I've ever seen! There are two other cats at his house, both of whom are indifferent to me, and I find it difficult to force myself to spend time with them trying to pet them as they yawn at me, or play toy with them as they bat half-heartedly like "eh, I don't need you lady. Why don't you get out of here so I can do the real fun stuff that we can only get into when you stinky humans aren't around." And this little guy doesn't make it any easier. Because I can either tend to those guys, or sit around cuddling this:

Ugh, my job is so tough.

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Jenn said...

Can we trade sometime? Please?