Thursday, November 29, 2007

Who's the one person more annoying than Spencer?

His sister, apparently. The Hills last night:

1. Who the hell is this girl? Where has she been all this time? When is she going to go back there? Heidi's face was precious while Spencer and his sister were making the whole big thing about her encounter with Lauren and Brody. I get the feeling that she just barely tolerates Spencer's behavior because maybe he's good in bed and also it gets her more press being part of the "most hated couple", but now that his sister is around, Heidi's had enough.

2. How cute was Brody defending Lauren to Spencer's sister? I'm sure he has known that bitch all his life, but he's still like "mind your own beeswax". ~swoon~

3. We have finally witnessed the dismissal of Justin Bobby. I hate that we didn't get to actually witness his transgression, but I did find it amusing that even though Audrina witnessed it, he still tried to deny it happened. And when she was like "I saw you kiss that girl" he was like "well, you must be mistaken, because I didn't" and then Audrina noted that "all my friends saw you too" he says "well of course they're going to say that - they hate me." Hey, dude, it's not like Lauren and Brody were out one night and decided to tell Audrina they saw you out messing with some chick at a bar. She saw you with her own eyes.

I am pretty excited for next week's episode since Spencer and Heidi get into another row, although it's getting a bit tedious because I don't think she will be physically able to spontaneously grow a brain and leave him, but it's still entertaining.

Also have to say that I am officially addicted to Tila Tequila's show, and last night there was an all out psycho girl catfight! It was to-be-continued to see what will become of the two bitches that had it out, but holy eff it was awesome!

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