Thursday, November 08, 2007


Have you ever seen that commercial for Advil Cold and Sinus, where the woman is all sick and is talking like "if you think a cold is going to keep me from running a 100 mile marathon and baking a cake at the same time then you don't know me"?

Ya, well, I'm not her. Illness throws me to the ground and stomps on my face, then it sits on me and farts. But for the past three weeks of fighting my allergy/cold (still going, by the way, and all the meds are really dehydrating me, yet also leaving me with a running nose) I have been keeping up my running regime. This regime consists of me hauling my ass into the extra room and running on the treadmill 2-3 times per week. It's been going really well - I run about 2 miles each time, so about 20 minutes, and thanks to my little iPod I not only have great tunes, but also have the Nike+ system that lets me track my runs and my progress.

I think the Nike+ is probably one of the best inventions ever. You get a little pod that you put in your Nike+ shoe (if you don't have these shoes you can buy a little clip to attach it to your shoelaces), and it sends a signal to your iPod nano that tracks your distance, pace, time, and calories burned. Then there is a whole website where you upload your data, set goals, and you can compete in challenges etc. AND there is a 'map it' section where if you run outdoors (I'm not quite there yet, so maybe in the spring I'll do it) you can map your route and how far it is, and other people can run it too.

So, I highly recommend everyone gets one, and if you do, and you are a beginning runner, then let me know and we can challenge each other online.

****totally random side note: SB and I are watching Survivor right now, and every week while it's on Global TV they show a promo for Survivor (I know, stupid right, showing the promo for the show you're watching while you're watching it) where you hear Jeff Probst saying "Just how we like it here on Survivor - nice and wet."

This cracks SB up every single time he hears it. And for the next three days, he will randomly say it while we grocery shop, drive in the car, or walk down the street. And I will laugh.


Jenn said...

Is the Nike+ doodad just for you running types? I'm NOT runner, but I am a walking, and bring my nano with me on the eliptical thingy. Or does it rely on the impact of running?

Jeff is a dirty, dirty boy.. But I really like this season so far. :)

I have the idol! No you don't!

Wait, *I* have the idol! Heh, nope!

Jules said...

I'm not sure if it will work on an eliptical - but the gadget is only $40 and I'm sure if you tried it and it didn't work you could return it. I bought mine at the Running Room, and I know they are super good with returns and things. It's a pretty amazing little gizmo - I LOVE it!

Survivor is hilarious this year. I was laughing so hard at Jamie when she totally thought she had the idol (I would have felt so bad if she had whipped it out like "ha, I have an idol so I'm not going anywhere suckahs" and then Jeff would have been like "you suck, go home.") And I am also SOOOOO glad they got rid of Jean Robert - he took himself way too seriously!

Jules said...

***oh, but the gadget will definitely work for regular walking - I walk for ten minutes, 5 before and 5 after my run - and it records all of that too.