Sunday, November 18, 2007

Fred Thompson and Dick Wolf can kiss my tush.

I love all Law and Order. Regular. SVU. CI. All of them. I have plans to name future furry children after some of the characters. I'm pretty sure I have seen every single episode of each of the series. I am hardcore.

However, I am a bit dismayed over a little development they snuck in to last week's episode of Special Victims Unit.

Because Fred Thompson is running for president in real life, Arthur Branch cannot be on TV in any new episodes. They delayed the return of Law and Order, presumably to see what would happen in the primaries, and maybe Branch would be back. At least this is what I assumed. Then last week, what slips in the conversation between Olivia and Casey? That Casey has a new boss. Jack McCoy.

I am stunned and offended by this development. Jack McCoy is not the boss. He doesn't have to make the hard calls. Jack McCoy is the rebel, the stick-to-his-guns and his unpopular but correct views man. He bucks the norm. He laughs in the face of authority. How can one laugh in one's own face? One can't.

I am interested to see if they will actually stay true to the character and keep him liberal and slick, or if he will turn into a hardass towing the line to keep the voters happy. I truly hope it is the former, because Jack McCoy is anything but The Man. Anything else would be a lie.


Anonymous said...

I'm with you Jules- Jack's the man! How's he going to stick it to himself? Ha, that almost comes out like a language snafu a la previous post. Jill

jenB said...

AGREED SISTER! So no New L&O Classic this year? I haven't heard anything...

Jules said...

L&O is back on January 9th, allegedly, although with the writers' strike who knows. I wonder if Arthur has been permanently written out or if when Thompson sucks out in the primaries if he will come back.... they didn't really go into details about why Jack was the boss now, which is very frustrating!