Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I'm back in full effect y'all

I've been back from vacation for like 36 hours, and I already miss the sunshine. And the rum. We had an amazing time, with tons of relaxing and lounging and eating and drinking. My skin is very close to Raisin Bran colored - actually between Raisin Bran and Vector - and I only burned a few spots due to careless sunscreen application. I don't think it will peel, though, so that's good.

Our resort was gorgeous. We arrived and were whisked into a little hall-like room with cocktails and snacks - this is where they checked us in and it took about two minutes. Then they put our bags on a 6 seat golf cart and took us for a spin around the resort to show us where restaurants were, the pool, the bars, etc., and after that was done the bell boy drove us to our little complex and brought our bags up to our room. The room had a mini-fridge that they stocked with beer, cola and water every day, a coffee maker with coffee packets, a big beautiful bathroom with a separate shower, tiled vanity, and super-deep tub, and a big walk-in closet with drawers and a safe. Although we were at the end of the resort furthest from the beach, it ended up being awesome. We could pack up for the day and go to the beach, but all the "errand" type stuff was super close: the front desk, restaurants, two bars, the money exchange lady, etc.

The lobby bar had a piano/sax combo every night that played popular American standards, so we sat there a few nights enjoying that - there was also a table every night with chilled champagne, in case the bar line-up was too long you could have a nice little glass of bubbly. It was actually quite good.

We had some windy days, but even though it made it cool it was still very sunny and we could still lay out and read. The food was good, with lots of choices at the buffet and a really good Italian restaurant. On Saturday we visited Havana - we joined our friends who stayed at another resort on a tour. It was really interesting and fun, and I didn't have to feel bad about wasting a beach day since it was windy again.

I could go on for days about how fantastic everything was, but there is one thing that ended up sucky. Our camera was stolen out of our baggage. Or at least we think it was. The night before we left I asked SB where he had put the camera. He told me he put it in one of the suitcases we planned on checking. I said "Don't put it there, put it in the carry-on so that we always have it with us." Now he can't remember if he took it out of the checked bag or not, but it wasn't with us when we arrived in Cuba and now that we're back we can't find it anywhere. I'm so pissed cause I loved that camera - my mummy bought it for us last Christmas and since then I have been a complete digital convert (I used to be hard-core 35mm SLR). So now I'm trying to check with all our credit cards to see if any of them have a baggage coverage, or if they are just for cancellations. We're also in search mode to see if we actually did leave it behind and now it's hiding from us. I've already gone over the usual hiding spots a half dozen times, so I'm starting to lose hope that it's around here anywhere. We bought a crappy Cuban disposable camera, so we'll see how those pictures turn out. Hopefully we will get at least one great shot of us all crispy and brown.

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OMG!!! You're perfect little camera!! Well at least the reast of your trip was amazing.