Monday, January 09, 2006

My job is awesome

Week #2 of the new job has begun - and I am so still LOVING it!

Every day I fall in love with my little buddies more and more. We service a lot of cats - people who go on vacation and want their cats checked up on regularly. I'm surprised how many cat clients we have, and also how attached I'm growing to these little guys. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE cats (although none can compare to my snooky little man), but I kind of pictured running in the house, changing their food, water and litter, then trying to coax them out from under the bed so I can give them pills or at least make sure they are still alive. Usually this is exactly how my first visit goes, but then the little sweeties come out of their shells.

I'm surprised how many kitties are affectionate and cuddly - they crawl right up on my lap purring and one even gives kisses. This kitty is a Himalayan, grey and super soft. I sit on the sofa and play with the other cat using a ribbon on a stick while the Himalayan lays in my lap purring. He's a bit cross-eyed, but not so much that it's creepy, but the funniest thing is that one of his fang teeth overbites way too much and sticks out over his lip. SO CUTE! I only have two more days with these guys, so I'll try to take some photos.

In other, non-job related news, I had an extremely relaxing weekend. I also purchased some new swimsuits for our trip, and I love them tons, but one of them has a low-rise bottom so I really need to lose the last of my roll before we go. I'm by no means a thin girl, but when we go on vacation, it's no holds barred. Sexy Boyfriend convinced me last year that we don't know anyone there, and I should just wear what I want, get the tan that I want, and not spend our whole vacation trying to hide my body or worrying about what other people think. I did just what he suggested, and I had the best time. So, I'm psyching myself up to do the same thing again this year - but I still really would like to get rid of that last little roll.

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Anonymous said...

YOu're hot. Don't even worry about your tiny roll.