Wednesday, January 11, 2006

You Are Always On My Mind

I love people who talk to themselves. When I'm on a bus, or in my car, and we drive by a pedestrian who is obviously talking to themself, I get quite a chuckle out of it. I think this might be because I used to talk to myself. When I was little I was constantly talking to myself, making up stories, playing out little dramadies, making up game shows stuff like that. Maybe it's because I grew up with no siblings until I was seven, and on practically a farm with no kids my age around. Maybe it's because I'm uber smart and creative. My Papa used to say that it meant I would make lots of money one day. I'm still waiting.

Anyway, so I find it funny when I see people talking to themselves. I usually don't laugh when the person is obviously having a mental issue, because I don't want to go straight to hell, but others are fair game. Maybe these people are practicing a speech - for a job interview, or maybe they're going to propose to someone later. Maybe they are trying to keep track of a list in their head, and don't want to forget anything. Maybe they are making up dramadies and playing them out while the world goes on around them. I don't really care - I just think it's funny.

Today I experienced something that gave me even more amusement than people talking to themselves. Across the street from a client's house there is a small antiques shop. It looks more like a junk store, but whatever. Anyway, today it was extremely mild in Montreal, and the door to the shop was open. Whoever was inside was playing Willy Nelson really loud, but not loud enough to drown out the sound of their voice singing along at full blast. It's one thing to sing in the privacy of you car, or at a karaoke bar, but at an antiques shop? It was damn funny.

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Anonymous said...

I like when you pull up to someone and their window is up but they are obviously signing to the same radio station that you are. Thats classic!