Thursday, January 12, 2006

uuuurrghhh Kelly Clarkson

In 8 days and approximately 40 hours, I will be on a beach in Varadero. I love Varadero. I love the beach, I love the heat, I love the drinks. I cannot wait to get there.

So, that means I have about a week to get prepared. I have purchased a couple of easy-read novels (Diana Gabaldon and James Patterson) in paperback format for the beach. I have my new swimsuits (which are fitting a little better). I have all the sunscreen/tanning oil/aftersun/aloe that can fit in our two small suitcases. But, I still have a list of "to-dos" and not a lot of cash to do it with.

One thing on my "to-do" list is still kind of a maybe. I'm thinking about getting waxed. Before Christmas, I did an at-home test kit on one of my calves, and the hair stayed away for like three weeks. I think that would be fabulous for vacation - not to have to worry about shaving, missing spots, nicks, those weird red bumps that show up sometimes. I would do the whole thing myself, except I found it hard to reach the back of my calf so I can only imagine how hard the thigh would be. I think I would prefer to have a professional do it correctly, and maybe more importantly, quickly.

I asked a friend what she thought, and she said she would never do it because of the pain. But I didn't find the pain that bad. My sister says I should go for it. I'm just not sure if it's worth the expense. The spa I usually go to can do the whole leg and bikini area for like $60. I'm not sure if that's a good price, if it's worth it, anything. So, if any of you internets have any advice or council, please offer it up.


Anonymous said...

GO FOR WAXING!!! Its soooo worth it, it really isnt that bad pain wise, and it goes by really fast. Ive tried to do it myself, but it takes longer, is more painful, and isnt as good as when a professional does it. IF you are going for bikini too, my little tip, take a motrin about 20 minutes before your appointment. Helps mucho much! (stuck in a little spanish there for your trip!) Anyways, especially if u are wearing a bathing suit... legs, bikini, even underarms, no worries except getting your suit and lotion on!

Dilly Dilly said...

I decided to have my pits and bikinni line waxed before my wedding. I figured with a strapless gown and then a week in Costa Rica, I didn't want to deal with stubble.

Well I grew out my armpits for about 6 weeks and they said it still wasn't long enough. As for the bikinni line, it was long enough. It hurt, but wasn't too terrible. A few hours later was worse then right then and there. I found some grew back quickly, some took weeks. They say it's like that with waxing - you need to keep growing to maintain that hairless appearance for weeks. I found it too much trouble and went back to shaving. :( But then, I am a hairy girl! :)

Anonymous said...

Do It! 60$ is not that bad. The benefits out-way the money.

Anonymous said...

ps, I thought the Title of this blog was very HIL-LARIOUS