Thursday, January 05, 2006

Our Engagement - his version

He started shopping for the ring in January, and received his bonus in February, at which point he started planning.

He found the perfect ring a few weeks before our anniversary. Around the same time, he decided that he really wanted to ask my mother and my grandfather for permission. So, he made a plan where he would be able to travel home, using someone else's car, while I was working so that a)I wouldn't be upset he was traveling home on a weekend off and b)I wouldn't be upset that he left me without a car. He didn't really count on c) me freaking out because he wanted to take a trip on a weekend I was working when he was already working practically 24/7 and we never got to see each other and how could he possibly justify taking any time off of work when he can't even make it home for dinner.

So, instead of driving home to ask my mom and grandfather for permission, he arranged a dinner with them, and his parents, at a restaurant in Moncton. He then conference called my mom and grandfather and asked that way. His dad took a little video of the whole thing.

Next, he arranged the whole weekend away thing. He told me his bosses were paying, but really he was. Then, when we arrived at the inn, it turns out that his bosses had played a little trick on him and called ahead and taken care of everything. They are super great guys!

At dinner he was really nervous, and he even got up and went to the washroom while we were waiting for dessert so he could shake off the anxiousness.

As soon as he had asked, and we sat back down, he could barely sit still as he told me all the scheming and planning, plotting and deception that had gone on to make this happen.

You wouldn't believe how many people said to me "Just remember, you said yes to him even though you knew how good of a liar he is."

I think it was more like fibbing.

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Anonymous said...

Just a baby fib!