Saturday, April 22, 2006

Happy Saturday!

I'm not sure what's going on with my site right now, and I don't have time to get to it. So, listeners, you will have to do without the trippy little graphic at the top of the screen. Sorry.

In other news, as if my life is not occupied enough right now with the Thing We Do Not Speak Of (which looks like we may be able to speak of it soon, so YAY!), and the stupid Websudoku page that has been eating my spare moments away for months thanks to Sarah, I had to have the misfortune of stumbling across this little evil piece of the internet compliments of Alice. With things like this out there, how does anyone have time for internet porn?

So, aside from boggling my brains out and buying birthday gifts for my sister and working through the Big Thing, not much is going on. I had dinner with some friends last weekend, and would love to post about it and put up a nice picture that I took, but one of the friends has a secret that she is slowly surprising everyone with, so it has become another Thing I Cannot Talk About. Hmpf.

The new dishwasher is here, and it is also better than internet porn. Who knew glasses could be so squeaky and shiny? Who knew buying JetDry could be so fun? Who knew a sausage-shaped dog could run so fast when startled by the dishwasher suddenly draining into the sink?

Oh, the good times we're having this weekend!

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