Monday, April 10, 2006

How Gabby got her groove back

Okay, so I'm sorry that I'm leaving everybody hanging with this BIG news thing - I know it's driving people crazy, but there are some legal issues about why I can't talk about it specifically on the web. We have not bought a house. I am not pregnant. We have not set a wedding date. That should clear up a lot of inferences people may have had when I said BIG news.

All I can say is that it involves my career path, (not the writing one, although that has been going really well and taking this job was the best decision I've made to further my writing goals since taking my BA in Creative Writing), and taking on a lot more risk and responsibility, while making more money. I think those are all safe things to say for now. We (SB and I) are in the process of evaluating whether or not it's a good move to make, and if it is a good move, how we can get around a contract that could either cost us a lot of money to do this, cost the people we're dealing with a lot of money to do it, or cost us the chance of being able to do it at all. I know it's cryptic, but when things are concrete, I'll be able to post specifics.

My weekend was pretty fabulous. We watched Memoirs of a Geisha, which was good, although I think for people who didn't read the book it may have been confusing. I also did a bit of shopping yesterday all by myself, which was really relaxing, and I didn't even buy anything! I just browsed and perused, and bought a smoothie - I felt so fresh when I left.

On Saturday afternoon, we took the dogs to the dog park, which was pretty fun. Our dogs are super friendly, but not really that socialized with other dogs, so they are kinda overwhelmed at the dog park. They have no problem fighting and playing with each other, but at the dog park they seem kinda stumped as to how to proceed to make friends, and where the boundaries are about what's play and what's aggressive. Gabby spent most of the time getting close to dogs who were playing and sniffing, but not close enough, and then whining like she was saying "Hey - hey there - um, do you think I could play? Um, excuse me? Um, hi I'm Gabby, and um. Oh, um hey there." There was one dog that she like a lot and sniffed around a few times, but he was a pretty hyper bull mastiff, so he was really big and kept outrunning her. Also, a young Golden Retriever who was obviously not fixed or had been fixed too late took a liking to her - he kept mounting her to the point that his owner had to take him out of the park. He was absolutely fixated on her, and no other dogs in the park. I congratulated her for snagging such a youngin'.

Charlie spent most of the time just wandering around alone, then approaching random humans. There was also a six month old Basset named Boris at the park with all the same colorings as Charlie. They looked exactly the same, except the little guy was about half his size. Anyway, while Charlie isn't super social, he still let other dogs sniff him and investigate and stuff - but not this little guy. Everytime Boris came near him Charlie would bark in his face and run away. It was as though he was saying "I will not be traded in for a younger model - get away from me so they can't compare us." It was adorable.

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