Monday, April 24, 2006

Like Cher's farewell tour....

it just never ends. And when you think you finally got rid of it, there it is again. In all of its unknown origin, itchy wonderfulness.

I'm talking, of course, about The Rash. The Rash is back, yet again. I believe this time I have really nabbed the culprit. I have been staying away from all perfumed soaps and stuff that I started using around the time of the first breakout, and my skin has been fine. Then today it started raining at around noon, so, logically, I put on my slicker for my one hour group walk. And when I got back in the car, lo and behold, my arms were covered in The Rash. As I drove to my next client, I was rubbing my arms on any surface I could get to to scratch them. My next walk was half an hour, and it was still raining, so back on with the slicker, and afterwards The Rash was running rampant all the way up my arm. Yuck. I have had this slicker for about, oh, nine years, and it has never caused this problem. I am so sad.

So, I've put my slicker in the wash, even though you're not supposed to. You're only supposed to wipe it clean with a cloth - no machine wash, no dry cleaning. It's a rubbery material slicker, and hopefully the wash won't ruin it, but I have a feeling that some kind of irritant has taken up residence in the nylon lining. Double Yuck. What if it's some kind of mold or fungus? Ew.

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Dilly Dilly said...

Aw, so unfortunate. I had that with a sweater. Had it for years and suddenly the hem in the v-neck caused me to end up in red welts, as though a holly bush took up residence between the layers of knit. Washing, scratching, I even laid it int he sun - nothing worked. my sister now has a lovely turquoise v-neck fine gauge cotton sweater that doesn't cause her welts.

BTW like the new template! Very springy and serene!