Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I won The Big Prize

Last Wednesday Sexy Boyfriend and I had Chinese food. Our fortune cookies were actually good this time, no stupid quotes or weird random adages, but real fortunes. Sexy Boyfriend's fortune said "Your hard work will soon pay off". Like two days later, he closed a big deal at work that he's been working on forever.

My fortune said "You will win the big prize." I of course set out on regimen of lotto tickets and scratch tickets and Rolllll up the RRRRim to Win, but alas, all I got was a forceful bump in the rear from an old man. A week has gone by, and I have not won $20 million dollars, or even $5 on Bingo scratch tickets, or even a free donut with my coffee.

Then, today, one week later, I came home from work with pee on my leg (later), and the phone rang. Apparently, I have won the Big Prize! I signed up online to win tickets to a snowboarding event this weekend, and lo and behold I won! Four tickets, value of $180! So, it's not $20 million, but it's a prize, and it's pretty big, and it's something I wouldn't spend money on myself. I'm pretty excited!

In other news, I took my Great Dane to the park today, and because she is shy around other dogs, I generally have to follow her around everywhere to reassure her that her interactions are indeed mandated in the Rules of the Dog Park, and that it is completely normal for all the doggies to be sniffing her ass (if they can reach). While petting her on the head and urging her to participate in a group game of "KILL - BITE - BARK - KILL", a lovely male Rottweiler snuck up behind me and peed all over my leg. I laughed it off, and his owner reprimanded him and apologized, but really at that point I didn't care. I spend all day with dogs. I don't freak out when I discover a hole in the baggie. I have no problem wiping their drool with my bare hand and then wiping it on my pants. Dog stuff is okay by me (kid stuff is a WHOLE nother story). Then we got into the car and realized that I had not been peed on by just any normal dog. I had been peed on by Dog Whose Urine Comes From Skunk-like Glands. God it smelled bad. And I had three more appointments after that one, so I was paranoid that one of those dogs would be upset that I had been marked by some other dog and then would try and mark me themselves. Then, I had to go to the grocery store on the way home - so I hope the smell had dissipated by then. Who knows, right, cause when you stink you usually can't tell, only the people around you notice.

So, here's a photo of my baby darling who was worth being peed on:

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Anonymous said...

i miss my little twin! I'm a moose!! Congrats on your Big Win!!!