Thursday, March 16, 2006

Who needs a winter hobby anyway?

I really hold our annual vacation south sacred. Almost the second we get back, I start surfing the internet to compare the reviews that other resorts are getting, and researching which beaches have the best sand. I start hunting for swimsuits in September (although I'm still not motivated enough to start dieting in September so I have a little less muffin top hangin' out of my two piece.) I look forward to it all year, especially when the snow starts falling.

On my never-ending quest to get Sexy Boyfriend to buy me some snowboarding gear, I finally got him to go take a look at the snowboard I want. He hummed and hawed while he inspected it, and every other board there, plus all the bindings and boots. Then said "Okay, let's go." We shopped for a bit more, and when we got back to the car he said, "I'd be willing to buy you the snowboard if you're willing to give up Cuba next year and take a ski vacation instead."


The whole point of our winter vacation is to GET OUT OF THE SNOW AND COLD, not run towards it like idiots! The point of the snowboard is to make the weekends pass faster in between summer and our vacation, and then our vacation and summer. There should be no mixing of snowboard and vacation. No mixing at all.

So, I guess I'm not getting a snowboard, which I'm pretty bummed about. We can still go snowboarding, but rental equipment (well, rental boots) pretty much freaks the hell out of mel, so we'll see how that goes. Plus, each time I've rented nothing ever really fit quite right and I ended up feeling uncomfortable the whole time. We'll see what ends up happening.

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