Monday, March 13, 2006

Not your father's polygamy

Wow, so I've been pretty busy. But I'm back!

My sister was visiting for the past week, so I was busy entertaining her, plus working. I think she had a pretty good time - we hung out, visited a museum, shopped, etc. And I think she got plenty of rest time while I was at work. I sure had lots of fun, but was pretty exhausted by the end of it. Which made me really happy that last night was an AMAZING TV night!

As I've mentioned before, I am a TV addict, and I have a satellite which enables me to feed my addiction about three times more than normal TV addicts. My night last night included the Sunday regulars: Law and Order Criminal Intent, Grey's Anatomy, and The West Wing (finally a new episode, finally Josh and Donna are getting together!), and then later on Cold Case, which I was half sleeping through, but whatever. But also, after almost two years of waiting, The Sopranos came back last night!

Sexy Boyfriend and I are Sopranos crazy, so the anticipation has been killing us, and the show did not disappoint. We got a quick view of what most of the main characters have been up to (Janice had a baby?! What's with AJ's hair?) There were two great storylines introduced, one about a mob guy trying to retire, and another about Carmella's business relationship with her dad. It ended with Tony being shot by crazy Uncle Junior, which is insane! I feel like it's impossible that he's going to die from it, but I can't wait to see what happens next!

We also watched the new show, Big Love, about the polygamist in Utah. For a first episode, where you're learning about the characters and a lot of stuff is being revealed in not-so-subtle ways, I was really drawn into this show. The three families live like modern families, but their parents still live on a commune in the "traditional" polygamist way. I felt sympathy for all of the characters, it was funny, and the premise makes it fresh. I really recommend it, no matter how you feel about polygamy.

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