Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A rant, but with a little perspective

I had a bad day today.

Even though the sun was shining and it was warm out, even though I did not get rear-ended, nor did I get any traffic/parking tickets, I just generally didn't feel like leaving the house today and so I spent most of the day thinking "When exactly is this day going to end? This is the longest day of my life." What would I have done if I had stayed home? I'm not sure if it's spring fever or what, but I am in the mood to: a) bake bread, b) wash all the walls and curtains, c) organize our spare room and pull out stuff to sell in a yard sale, d) finish knitting Charlie's sweater, e) do umpteen loads of laundry so I can hang them on the clothesline (there's nothing like clothes hung on the line - even if you do find beetles in your socks every once in a while), and an endless list of other little chores and tasks.

Regardless, I was at work. And I didn't feel like it. So traffic seemed ten times heavier than usual. And my half-hour walks seemed to take twice as long, even though I know thirty minutes is thirty minutes. It was so warm, my jeans felt hot and sticky. Pedestrians kept randomly wandering into the street because, hey, it's spring, so I guess that means everyone is walking now and cars suddenly don't exist. I got into a shouting match with a lady in one of those scooters from The Scooter Store, because she was annoying, and I'm sure she was only using that scooter because she was fat, not because she was handicapped in any way. The annoying dogs seemed even more annoying than usual, pulling and jerking me around until I thought I wouldn't be able to walk upright anymore. One dog had an embarrassing bout of diarrhea, which is the worst thing for a dog-walker because it's impossible to pick up, but people still look at you like you're disgusting. Hey, guess what? Dogs shit outdoors. They piss outdoors too. But we don't pick up their piss because it's a liquid and that's impossible. Sure, it's bad for grass (worse than poo), and it smells bad, and since you can't see it you probably just laid your picnic blanket down in a huge puddle of it and now your PB & J sandwiches have an extra little P in them. But you can't pick it up, and you can't see it, so people just forget about it. Well, when shit comes out like piss, guess what? YOU CAN'T PICK THAT UP EITHER. So, just because you can see it, it is still against the laws of physics to have it removed. Unless you have a hose to wash it away with, then fuck off and move along.

Anyway, so these among other things made my day interminable. But you know what? This day was still probably 200% better than my best days at IKEA, and Gap, and probably both of those best days put together. I didn't even break into tears. Not even once. So when my bad days are still this good, I guess I have a whole hell of a lot to be thankful for.

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