Friday, March 31, 2006

So much more to look forward to

This week has been so BEAUTIFUL and went by so fast - I am so glad that spring is really here, and I am going to LOVE summer doing this job. Plus all these interesting things keep happening to me.

I was speaking with my boss today about random doggie things, and I was like "Shit, Nora, the other day I saw a dude taking a dump on The Mountain." Not only was she not surprised, nor did she gape in horror, she calmly said "Was he homeless?" and when I explained how well-dressed he was, and that I didn't think so, she said "I love The Mountain."

Apparently, summer on The Mountain is extremely eventful - last spring Nora saw a middle-aged man hiking through the woods (and as I explained, these woods are pretty thin, especially in springtime) wearing nothing but a hat and some sneakers. Hiking through the woods. In the middle of the city. Lots of people running and biking and walking their dogs. Naked. And I get Crapper Man.

I need to start carrying my camera everywhere - I'm missing WAY too many photo ops.

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