Thursday, November 10, 2005

Another World

I just want to say a big thank you to my CPR/First Aid instructor, Jean, and to my partner, Sarah who spent the entire two day course coughing all over the place, and who were kind enough to pass on those lovely germs to me.

I'm sick again.

And it's my day off, which makes me super mad about it, cause now I don't feel like doing any of the things I planned on doing. Plus I have a dinner tonight for my friend Bry's birthday, and I will feel self-conscious about spreading the disease to more unsuspecting victims.

I just saw a preview for a talk show that is going to be featuring a spot with Linda Dano. She used to be on a soap opera called Another World, and she played a character named Felicia Gallant. I have vivid memories of sitting in the living room watching that show with my grandmother, when I was three or four (so my grandmother would have been in her early forties at the time), and I remember how much she loved that character. She loved the way she did her hair (garish short early eighties cut), she loved the clothing she wore (garish, draping, early eighties outfits), and she loved her irreverant personality.

I watched that soap opera until the day it was cancelled - nine years after my grandmother passed away. Linda Dano was on the show til the very end, and I think part of me felt like I was watching my grandmother on the screen. Part of me just likes a good soap opera.


Jenn said...


Thanks for popping by. I have to say that I'm a little embarassed by the fact that 1) the first picture I've posted of myself in a while was me in a giant penis and 2) you just read all about my boobs.

The internet is a weird place, isn't it?

Woody would be so proud of us, using our writing powers for good. ;)

Anyway! I actually *did* want to repsond to your actual post! I watched AW for as long as I could remember, after school every day with my mother. Felicia Gallant was such a goddess, wasn't she? I actually met her a mini-putt in Florida (long story), but my world changed when it was cancelled.

You might like this:

Oh KARL! You were such a bastard!

Jules said...

Thanks Jenn,
That was a FANTASTIC link!!! So funny to go and see how many actors played the different main characters.

And Karl was a bastard.

Dilly Dilly said...

When I grew up, I wanted to be Felicia Gallant. She was a writer, she had an amazing wardrobe and i thought she was so beautiful.

When they decided to cancel AW I emailed them multiple times begging them not to. I still catch reruns on SoapNet.

When I think of AW, I think of summers as a kid when it wasn't nice enough to go to the pool. My mom would be sewing in the basement, watching AW, and I would watch too, something my mom and I could share. She always hated Amanda's teeth, too big for my mom's taste. I thought she was pretty. her favorte was Iris.

Anonymous said...

You're always sick, i feel bad for you