Monday, November 07, 2005

Resuscitating plastic dummies is exhausting

I just finished my yummy supper of Camp Macaroni leftovers - YUM!

Today was Day 1 of my First Aid/CPR class, paid for by work. The class is being held downtown, and driving in this morning with Sexy Boyfriend, I realized how nice it would be to work a regular 9-5 downtown, and do this everyday.

Anyway, I don't do well in classroom situations, especially when there are no notes to take (they give you this little book and everything is in there). I generally tend to nod off, especially when the room is warm, and I haven't had any coffee. I made it through today, but I have one more day tomorrow. I will try to get my coffee on the way in.

Taking the course makes me think of a story my friend S told me. Last year, the day before her birthday, S's sister T took the First Aid class as well. On the morning of her birthday, S woke up to T sitting on her, clapping her hand and pinching her saying "Are you okay? My name is T. Do you need First Aid? Can I help you?" I thought about that story all day, and how friggin' hilarious it would be if when the alarm goes off tomorrow morning I jump on Sexy Boyfriend and start clapping and pinching him. He'd probably think I was trying to get fresh.

Sexy Boyfriend is at BU today - he was asked to speak to a Finance class there (he's too smart for his own good, I think). I am very sad that he's there cause we could have spent a nice evening together, but I am secretly hoping he will bring home some Village Grec poutine.

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Anonymous said...

lmao..i love that mental image.