Wednesday, November 23, 2005

It's winter, and you know what that means!

Tomorrow is my day off and I am SO glad. I am going to stay in my pyjamas all day and drink hot chocolate and watch movies and nap and read and snuggle with my doggies and my kitty. It's supposed to snow a lot, which will make staying in and being cozy extra fun. I wish that Sexy Boyfriend could take the day off with me.

I can't really say that I'm excited that it is going to snow tomorrow. Aside from the general crumminess of cold weather and snow and such, parking and driving become a chore instead of my relaxation time. Even on a bad summer day, when people are driving like spectacularly moronic pinheads, I can usually do quite a bit of unwinding between work and home. Even though I can't really trust the drivers around me, I can trust the road. However, in the winter, several other fun variables are thrown into the mix.

First of all, for some reason, when the Holiday Season is upon us, people randomly lose their minds when they are operating motor vehicles. Their bad driving quotient increases by like 400%. It's terrible. Then, of course, there is more traffic because people are travelling for Holidays, or preparing for Holidays, or driving to bars because of bad Holiday experiences.

I also hate the parking situation in the city during the wintertime. For those of you who have never experienced winter parking in the city, here's the lowdown. You can only park on one side on Tuesday and Thursdays, and the other side is Monday Wednesday and Friday. And they plow your car right into the snowbank, and it takes forever to dig your way out in the morning. And if there are cars parked on the wrong side on the wrong day, and they need to plow, this truck comes around the neighborhood with a really loud horn that goes "WHOO ooo WHOO ooo WHOO ooo". Really it should say "Get up Bitches and move your cars".

Also, inclimate weather contributes to about 99% of my driving stress during winter. I vividly remember my Nanny telling me horror stories about cars getting caught on black ice. About spinning out of control and bashing into guardrails, or going into the ditch. Jaws of life and ambulances were invariably involved. Usually along with several deaths. Why she was telling these stories to a five year old is beyond me, but I remember them, and they put the fear in me.

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Anonymous said...

Sitting in pjs all day= my favorite pass time