Sunday, November 27, 2005

Weekend roundup

This was my weekend to work, and as usual it was hectic and exhausting.

Friday night was our Keg dinner - it was really nice to see SB's brother and his girlfriend since we haven't really seen them for like a year. The Keg food was of course amazing - however due to my lack of appetite I was only able to eat half of my salad, my steak, half my potato and my veggies. It's one thing to be on a diet and to be intentionally limiting you food intake and being careful what you eat and allowing yourself cheats every once in a while - however it is a completely different and frustrating thing to just not be able to eat. To want to eat what's in front of you so badly, but to soundly believe that if you stuff one more biteful into your stomach that the sum of the entire meal will end up all over the table.

Last night we were able to have a quiet evening in and watch Love Actually, which I've seen bits and pieces of in the break room at work, but have never watched in its entirety. It's really charming and funny and romantic, but in a bittersweet kinda way. I liked it a lot, and so did Sexy Boyfriend.

Work was fine this weekend, but exhausting. The Crazy People are starting to come out en masse, and by The Crazy People I mean the people who think the definition of "good service" is "I get what I want no matter what I ask for". No, I will not babysit your children while you try on clothing. No, you cannot set your tiny dog on top of my merchandise. No, your children cannot randomly climb on our stools so that they may topple over and crack their skulls open. No, I will not refund you for this sweater you bought three months ago that looks like your dog chewed the armpit out of it. I understand that these people exist, and that in turn I will always have to deal with them. However, I wish that they wouldn't all show up on the same day. Randomly the same day, though. Sometimes it's Sunday, sometimes it's Tuesday. I think they must all arrange to come on a shuttle bus or something.

I called the dog walking company on Friday to arrange a meeting, but it was late and I haven't heard from them since. Hopefully they'll be in touch tomorrow so we can set something up.

I have tomorrow off, so I am hoping to come up with something more interesting to post. For now, whatever you're eating, please think of me and be thankful your appetite is healthy.


Dilly Dilly said...

Good luck with the dog walking stint! Especially at this time of the year, it feels good to leave retail.

When I left, I checked my finances and realized I could make X less and still survive. I realized I would pay X just to have weekends and holidays again, so I found it worth my while. What company do you work for? Sounds a lot like my retail past!

I remember a woman who tried to return two pairs of shorts after Christmas. Tags off, butt stretched out and BLOOD! in the crotch. She had the receipt, i worked for A "no sale is final" company, but I made sure to fill out the damage ticket at the counter full of people and out loud say "reason for damage - butt stretched out to damage fabric and dried blood in crotch." She left with a red face - hahaha that what you get SKANK.

And people who won't leave thier Louis Vuitton purse on the bench outside the fitting rooms, but don't mind letting their kids roam around or even complete babies and strollers left out. Priorities!! Ugh!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely hated working in retail, especially this cloose to the holidays..YUCK!