Saturday, November 12, 2005

The dreaded work Christmas party

Tomorrow night is my work's Christmas party.

Because we are in retail, we need to do all of our celebrating before all the other people in the world, so that we can then service the never-ending need of the public to consume during the crazy holiday season.

I kinda don't want to go to this party. First of all, there is a Secret Santa thing going on, and of course I couldn't get someone easy, or at least a female, (who, let's face it, are easier to buy for than most guys - gift certificate for a manicure, bath gel, candles, the list could go on forever). Not only do I get a boy, but I get a boy who works like three hours a week, so it's kinda hard to get to know him.

The second reason I kinda don't want to go to this party is that I get limited amount of time with Sexy Boyfriend, and I particularly enjoy Sunday nights. It's a great TV night, we usually make a pretty decent dinner together, which is fun, Sexy Boyfriend is usually nice and rested from the weekend and thinking less about work than normal, which is cool, and for my part, even if I work on Sunday, I finish at 6 at the latest so we still have a pretty nice evening together.

The third reason that I kinda don't want to go to this party is that I don't really know people at my work that well yet. There are a lot of cool people that I like a lot, but I'm not really friends with anyone. I don't feel comfortable yet to get drunk in front of them yet, for fear that they actually will make fun of me, although, unlike my friends, they will make fun of me behind my back rather than to my face.

But, I'm seeing this as an opportunity to form some bonds with my co-workers, which may make my time at work a little more fun. I'm hoping that someone will drop their pants or at least take their top off - usually stuff like that really breaks the ice.

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Anonymous said...

I'll go in your place! its the least i can do! i never pass up a potential party.